Selling your car? Tips which won’t cost you a penny

Selling is a car can sometimes become a very difficult task for you; as many things may depend on the actual transaction. That’s because, you are selling a car because you need maximum money from it.

Of course, that money can be for several reasons and the most prime of them is that you want to reinvest it on a new car option. Hence, it is more than vital that one must choose the right option when he or she wants to get rid of his or her in a pretty decent price. So, for your benefit, today we are going to give you some ‘free of cost’ tips by which you can increase the chance of getting a good price on your old car. Remember, doing the below things will not cost you any money, but will fetch you a desired price for your car. 2015-08-31 13-41-30


First of all, begin by posing as a customer and calling up dealers:

The first lesson of selling a car is first to know the market rate for your car and your model. Of course, the year of manufacturing will play a vital part in it.

Do this by first posting up as a customer and asking people/dealers around for a similar car of your own calibre. Once you know the ballpark figure, you can then figure out your base price. Do not go lower than that price once your quote it to a potential buyer. In fact, you can also tell your potential buyer that you are selling this car at this price, and others are taking extra for it. 2015-08-31 13-43-31

Get the car cleaned or clean it yourself:

A good service is indeed recommended if you want to show your car to a client. However, it is also vital to wash your car from the insides as well. Convert your car to a good looking condition, and you can easily get a good price for it. And, to save money, wash your car on your own. Do not opt for a washing garage.

Remember to check whether all document papers are right or not:

If you want to sell your car, you must then make sure that all the papers related to your car are absolutely in the right shape. If they are not, then make sure you rectify them. Also, if you had taken a loan for your car, then get an NOC from the bank that you have paid all the dues for it.

Post adverts on all types of websites:

That is free, isn’t it? Hence use the world of internet and spread your message across. Let many people know that your car is for sale. There are many specific websites that focus on automobile reselling; hence select one as per your geographical location. 2015-08-31 13-44-55


Be sure to advertise your car quite well:

Do not leave out anything positive. In fact, if you believe you have not driven your car that much then make it sure to put emphasis on the mile meter to let your customers know that your car is in a pristine condition with an only few miles on the clock.