Various Tricks to Get Cash for Scrap Car Removal

When your car has reached a stage where it refuses to take your family on ride, it’s rusting in garages, which is another insult for the vehicle which had been your travel partner for years. Nonetheless, a car (family or commercial vehicle) can pay you even after it has stopped functioning effectively which could be due to either accidental condition or excessive use of the vehicle or repetitive problems. If you feel that your car is no better than a scrap metal and you have no buyer for it, you can still earn handsome money out of it.

The following simple processes of selling your scrap car in Melbourne is not just beneficial to your pocket but also to the environment and economy. With these pro-active ideas, government appreciates the seller as well as the buyer for removing junk from roads / garages, etc.

  1. Part out the accessories – The functional accessories like fog lamps, indicator lights, break shoes, wiper, side view mirror, rear view mirror, speedometer, etc will pay you around half the market price of a new one and all this comes to you as bonus from the scrap car. The usable accessories should always be removed from the vehicle before dumping it to the junk as there could be no better use than selling it to the needy. However, these may be used for other purposes too.
  2. Drain the fluids – A motionless vehicle kept for month or even years has fluids like coolant, gas, engine oil, lubricating oil and other stuff which is saleable; otherwise may burn into fumes delivering no performance. Even if these are not fit for other vehicles, these can be used for cleaning / lubrication purposes and thus fetch you good money through mechanic or car repair stations.
  3. Sell the tires – In case, the car tires seem to be in good condition, pull them out and sell separately close to the market prices. There are uncountable buyers for using old tires as backup for their cars rather than spending hefty amount on new tire which are used once in a blue moon. Even if the tires are not in saleable condition for other vehicle, these are better used as puncture accessories, display at garages, making toys, swingers, rubber mats, flower vase and many more.
  4. Keep the car documents ready – It doesn’t matter how old is your car but the documents can always uplift the cost even when it is being sold in junk. The car gains credibility with documented proof and gives ratings to junkyard owner for disposing off the vehicle. The older the car, the better is for owner and you can fetch more money by showing documents.
  5. Sell the machinery online – The engine acts as heart of the vehicle and pays off even if it fails to work. That’s the only part which has the highest resale value in the vehicle and thus should be sold separately from the junk car. Moreover, car battery and other such machine parts can be taken out to be sold individually for a better price. Clear them off and sell online. Buyers are in queue.
  6. Overhaul the car – There is always a possibility of getting more money for a car looking in good condition even though it’s a scrap. The aesthetics make it interesting and allure the buyer to shell out double money for the same vehicle.

Besides these, there are various ways where you car can be turned into a more beautiful vehicle and will stand as a showpiece so that you can love it with your eyes. Else, turn up for the more cash.

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